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Android App compability

For some reason the Android app stopped working can this be fixed, please? Having purchased the Aircross 3 I have no way of utilizing things like the timelapse because there isn't an app I can use for it. 

Lots of apps not working since the Android 12 patch...
Does anyone have a lower Android system that is working with the Moza Apps?

I'll grab a device later and will give it a try to see what happens. I may have an old Cell phone running around I can use for that. 

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Found my wife's old phone which is on Android 11, the app works and connects to my Aircross 3, this is for sure something happening with the Android 12 upgrade which is not a surprise as it's caused a host of issues across the board. 

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Way to go Billings. Now we have an answer to why the Android 12 doesn’t work with the Moza apps. Very unfortunate. Can Android users step down an OS?

They can Nick but it's a pain in the a**, there are instructions on Youtube for anyone who wants to give it a try for sure. 

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Any word on wether the Android 12 and Moza Genie compatibility have been fixed?
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