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A request on MOZA AirCross 2 Camera Compatibility

I wish it will be available to connect EOS R5 and MOZA AirCross 2.

Not just the R5 but the R6 as well! And not just for the AirCross 2 but the Air 2 and Air 2S!

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Is moza air cross 3 compatible for my canon Eos 750 d with these features capture photo ,start&stoprecording video, pull focus electronically, tigger autofocus,iso,shutter,aperture and if any need help

I am not seeing the 750D on the list for the air cross 3. 

For the Moza Air 2, the 750D can be controlled via a shutter cable but all of the controls you mentioned will not be accessible, unfortunately. The same can be said for the Air2S. 

I believe it may be hard to find any gimbal that has these controls for your 750D, as far as Moza goes anyways. 


 After installing the upgrade to the aie cross 2 gimbal, it is not possible to set the inception window manually.



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