Please follow the below instructions for firmware upgrade.

1. Please install the latest MOZA master software via your PC from our official website. Please click here to download it.

2. Turn off the gimbal, long-press the joystick, then press the power button with your another hand until the prompt" boot mode" appears on the screen 

3.Connect the gimbal to the computer with a USB Type C cable 

4. The software will automatically identify the device and load the firmware, press the upgrade button, and wait for about  10 seconds

5.During the upgrade process, "upgrading" will be displayed on the gimbal screen, upgrade success will be displayed on the screen after the upgrade process is completed, after the upgrade completes, unplug the USB cable, and restart the air 2. Besides, you can see more details about the firmware update via the instruction of the air 2(page 18),

Also, here are two videos for reference:

Upgrade via computer: 

If you cannot finish the upgrade using the computer, please try the phone app.