Please check if you have connected with iFocus M? If yes, could you please try to disconnect iFocus M and turn the gimbal off. Re-start the gimbal first, and use your phone to connect with, to see if it works, after the connection succeeds on your phone and gimbal, please try to connect with iFocus M later.  

Also please advise which phone you were using? What’s your gimbal version and phone version?

Did you tried with another brand phone and if it works?

If you can connect the gimbal using another phone, this should be a compatibility issue. Would you please use another android phone that can connect to the gimbal and install the app provided in the link and follow the guide to upgrade the Bluetooth firmware of the gimbal? According to our experience, some customers solved the Bluetooth connection problem through the upgrade. 

Please click here to Download Gudsen Upgrade Apk.