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1. The Compatibility of Air 2 + A6400:

If you have an A6400 camera, according to the feedback from AIR2+ A6400 users, Air 2 also controls A6400 with an MCSC-Multi Control cable. However, officially we have not tested it, so we cannot guarantee the performance and compatibility. 

Thanks for your understanding,

Wish you all the best. 

2. The Compatibility of Air 2 + A7iii:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email.

Sorry that Air 2 does not support control of the camera parameter and recording and photography features of SONY A7iii at the same time temporarily.

But we will forward the case to our engineers, and hope there will be an improvement in the near future. But we after-sales staff have no idea about the exact schedule.

Or you can consider using another camera like Canon 5D Mark IV, Nikon 850 so you can control the camera parameter, recording, and photography feature of the camera via  M3C-Micro, you can see more details via this link

3. The Compatibility of Air 2 + 1DX2 & 5D4

Sincerely sorry that we have not done the test of your Canon 1DX Mark II camera, so we can not guarantee the performance and compatibility, like gimbal control features.

Since you already have the Air 2 gimbal, we suggest you try as follows to see whether it makes any differences.

1. Link your Canon 1dx mark II camera with included M3C-Micro cable, see picture A, please.  The port on Air 2 should be CAM CTRL, as for the cable connection on the camera end, please check picture B. 

2. Go to MOZA Master APP, and change the camera model Canon-USB.

Camera Setting-> Camera Model ->Canon-USB

By the way, what is the current firmware version of your Air 2? Please check it directly on Air 2 itself, Menu->About, and tell us the version. 

Any difference? Is it working?

Looking forward to your response.