For this issue, please install the latest version MOZA Genie APP from Google Play or APP Store. And follow these instructions to update the firmware version and do the calibration carefully. By the way, when you do it, please take out your phone from the gimbal first. 

Basic Calibration:

Advanced Calibration:

If you can not make it at one time, please try it a few more times, more carefully, please. As some important steps might be missed in your previous attempts. Besides, please double confirm that when you do the calibration, you do mount the gimbal absolutely the same way as the video shows, which is of great importance. 

After gimbal firmware update and calibration, still do no mount your phone on the gimbal. Just turn the gimbal on, if it does not spin anymore, mount the gimbal, and enjoy your shooting again with this gimbal.

Looking forward to your response.