1. To get it running, the two most important items you will need the charged batteries & quick release plate.


2. Press down the cover release and lift up the battery. (You will need to hold the grip tight to make it easier)



3. Install the back column batteries positive side up and front column batteries positive side down.


We will take BMPCC 4K as an example:



4. Use an extra quick release plate to adjust the camera over to the left. (For the large size of the camera)


5. The quick release plate is mounted to the memory quick release plate.


6. Attach the camera to MOZA Air 2.



7. Attach the iFocus to the following focus support rod.



8. Adjust the iFocus so its teeth lineup in the lens gear.



9. Set the camera forward and backward to adjust the balance of the pitch axis.



10. Now position the camera with the lens pointed up and in this position, we will be able to adjust the height of the camera center of gravity.



11. Connect CAN cable to iFocus then to Multi CAN port on MOZA Air 2



12. Adjust the roll arm in or out until the roll axis does not rise or fall



13. The last adjustment is the yaw(pan) axis. Hold the gimbal horizontal and take note of the roll motor position.


14. If roll motor position is high then the yaw(pan) arm needs to be pulled out


15. If roll motor position is low then the yaw(pan) arm needs to be pushed in



Attaching accessories


Balance check



Camera connect