Let's get to know more about MOZA Air 2 and how to use different modes on it.


iFocus can be used to control lens zoom.

You can learn how to set the start and endpoints below. 


11 different filming modes



Inception mode


Inception mode is an exceptional way to add a dramatic twist of camera movement.


Double press the speed button to enter inception mode. Then press the joystick to the left or right to rotate the camera. Also the smart wheel can be used to control auto-rotation while in inception mode.


By rotating the smart wheel you can change the rotation speed.

Pull the smart trigger twice to exit inception mode.


Smart trigger

The smart trigger can perform a few different filming modes.

If the smart trigger is pulled, it will hold the position of the gimbal. To resume gimbal movement, release the trigger.


Sport mode

To select sport mode, press the FN button. Pan will display the letter Q to indicate sports gear mode.

Smart trigger in sport mode will speed up motor response times.


FPV mode

Triple press the smart trigger button to have the gimbal rotate 180°to face the operator. FPV mode is great for vblogging or catching a selfie video.

Press the smart trigger two times to exit the FPV mode.

Rotating smart wheel to adjust motors response to movement


Four most common modes

L indicates the axis is locked.

F indicates the axis will follow.

Push the joystick in one time to switch the pan axis from following to lock.

Push the joystick in two times to switch the roll axis from following to lock.

Push the joystick three times to switch the tilt axis from following to lock.


All lock mode

In which all axes are lock and you can use the joystick to the position.



Pan follow mode

Pan follow mode is great for panning the camera.



Tilt follow mode

Tilt follow mode is used to tilt the camera.



Tilt & pan follow mode

Tilt&pan follow mode is a great choice when the camera needs to explore the scenery or track the difficult subject.


Unique Camera Modes

Roll follow mode


Roll&pan follow mode


Tilt&roll follow mode


All follow mode


Vertical mode

Most users will typically hold the gimbal in this position for the majority of shots.



Flashlight mode

Flashlight mode has a gimbal position in which the gimbal can use inception mode.



Underslung Mode

Its great for capture the shots from low angles and especially useful at canceling out the rise/fall of walking. Use a mini-tripod as a hand extension for jib shot and help spread out the weight.