MOZA Air ‘Move-Shot-Move’ system for advanced motion time-lapse. The MOZA Air and MOZA Assistant work together to control shutter interval and shutter duration. The MOZA Air will hold the camera still actuate the shutter before it moves the camera for another shot. With long exposure time-lapse, you can a star motion time-lapse video or any other kind of night motion time-lapse.

MOZA Air Advanced(Long-exposure) Motion Timelapse Tutorial  Video 

Supported Cameras

MOZA Air can support a wide range of cameras to motion timelapse video. All you need is to do first is to connect your camera to the gimbal with a control cable and optional adapter.

Steps to Create Advanced Motion Timelapse with MOZA Air

Step 1: Mount the MOZA Air
Balance the camera on the MOZA Air and secure it on a tripod on a stable surface.

Step 2: Connect your camera to the gimbal
Use included control cables to connect the your camera to the gimbal.

Step 3: Connect the MOZA Air to the APP
Turn on Bluetooth first. Then open the MOZA Assistant App on your phone. Slide the product menu in the App to choose MOZA Air. Click "Search", the App will detect your gimbal automatically. Choose your gimbal to connect.

Step 4: Enter the Timelapse Mode to Set.
Click the low right icon as shown above to enter the Timelapse interface, click SETUP icon to set relevant parameters.

Step 5: Set Shutter Interval, shutter duration, and fps
Parameters below need to be set, including:
1.Shutter Interval: the interval between two successive shutters (Shutter intervals=shutter duration+1 second=camera shutter time+2 seconds);
2.Shutter Duration: duration time from triggering the shutter to camera exposure(which should be longer than the maximum exposure time set in the camera)
3.Target Clip FPS: the final synthesis fps of motion timelapse
4.Target Clip Length: the total time spent for the entire motion timelapse.

Step 6: Set Path
Click "Path" icon to enter the following path setting interface. Set the key frame (target position) through the app interface or the joystick of the handgrip, move to the desired point and click ADD icon after confirmation, which will be added to the final path, the next key frame successively till all the key frames ions are complete (at least two and up to eight key frames need to be ed, 5 key frames are ed as below, and curve fitting mode for pitch axis and linear for yaw).

Step 7: Preview and Complete

Click 'Preview' to confirm the gimbal’s movement or 'Start', to begin the time-lapse.