Q1 What should I do if the gimbal is not horizontal after powering on?
1.Please carefully run the Gyroscope/Accelerometer Calibration. You need to set the gimbal into sleep mode. You may hold the menu button to force the gimbal into sleep mode.
2.Please mount the gimbal as the tutorial shows and keep the gimbal horizontal and still.
3.After calibration, power on your gimbal and re-adjust the balance on all of the three-axis.

Please utilize the electronic level on your camera when calibrating to help you finish the calibration.

Q2 How can I change the language from Chinese to English?
Press the menu button three times.

Q3 Why does my gimbal motor automatically shut down?
The protected mode is designed to protect the gimbal if the user employs the wrong operations. If the gimbal went into protected mode, the gimbal motor will shut down while the gimbal is still powered on. Remember to check whether the roll arm is unlocked before using. Also. you need to turn off the tripod mode if it drifts.

Q4 How to make sure Air 2 is correctly balanced?
First enter Gimbal Set, Calibration, Balance Check. The Air 2 will give you a readout to help you identify if you need to make adjustments to the gimbal's balance. Also, use this link to double-check if your camera is properly balanced, if it's not staying on the position you move it to, it is NOT balanced. See details here. 

Q5 Can I directly use the gimbal after the balance?
To get the best performance of the MOZA Air 2 you need to use ‘Autotune’. Make sure you have correctly balanced the gimbal and the gimbal is placed on a stable surface. Enter Gimbal Set, Motor, Autotune, and click right to start.

Also, Autotune can be activated by holding in the Fn button, and from the MOZA Master App under Motor Settings. Wait until the gimbal finishes auto-tune before moving or touching the gimbal just in case you cannot properly auto-tune the gimbal while out in the field.

Q6 How can I update the firmware?
First, turn off your gimbal. Hold the joystick in then press the power button. The gimbal will display the message ‘Boot Mode’. Open the MOZA Master App, Confirm that you want to upgrade the firmware, tap upgrade. Wait for the gimbal to finish updating before restarting the gimbal.
Or you can check “Firmware Upgrade” in the manual or these videos on how to update firmware via computer and via APP.

Q7 Is the calibration of the Accelerometer and Gyro necessary?
Calibration is important to all gimbals and calibrating the gimbal correctly will ensure a level horizon and drift-free operation. If your gimbal starts to drift on the pan axis or fails to hold the horizon correctly on the roll axis, you will need to calibrate the gimbal's gyro and accelerometer. The motors must be turned off to calibrate the stabilizer correctly. Also, calibration can be accessed from the gimbal's handle under Gimbal Set.

Q8 What's manual Positioning?
On the MOZA Master App under Motor Settings you can turn on Manual Positioning. This will allow the user to position the gimbal with their hands. Note all axes must be in Lock mode for manual positioning to function.

Q9 How to restore to Default Settings?
Use the MOZA Master App under Configuration and select ‘Set Default’. Or from the gimbals handle configuration.

Q10 What about MOZA Air 2 input Voltages and current.
The MOZA Air 2 input voltage and current is: DC 13.4-16V, Current 2A

Q11 I don’t see Moza Air 2 in Moza Assistant app.
Air2 uses MOZA Master to control. Please download the new one called Moza Master.
Download address: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gudsen.moza_mc1&hl=en_GB

Q12 How do I create time-lapses using Air2?
Check the tutorial on Air 2's product page on the official website. See details here. 

Q13 What cable should I use for Sony cameras?
Sony camera users: There're two main control cable for Air 2. Sony M3C-Micro USB cable and Sony USB setting on Air 2 allows you to operate camera functions like ISO, Aperture, Shutter and Video record & stop. Sony Multi cable and Sony Multi setting on Air 2 allows you to operate only shutter function. Make sure that your camera USB setting is computer remote mode.