Q: Can the Mini-S hold any phone?
A: It nearly supports all the popular phones as long as their widths are between 58-88mm. Also, the weight should be under its max payload of 260g.

Q: How do I power on Mini-S?
A: Make quick balance before starting the gimbal, then press the power button for 3s to power it on.

Q: How long are the charge time and battery life of Mini-S? Can I swap out the battery?
A: The charging time is about 1.5hrs while the battery life is about 5 hrs. No, the battery can’t be swapped out.

Q: What is the size of the mounting hole at the bottom of the gimbal?
A: 1/4 screw port.

Q: How do I zoom Mini-S?
A: Mini-S has two zoom buttons on its side. You can use them to achieve zoom control.

Q: What can I do with the trigger?
A: You can change follow modes via the trigger.

Q: Does Mini-S support Inception mode?
A: Yes. It supports 270°rotation to give inception effects.

Q: How should I fold Mini-S?
A: Follow the instruction on the Folding Instruction Card in the box.