MOIN Camera

Does MOIN Camera support the Inception Mode?
Sorry, not supported
Does MOIN Camera support wireless microphone radio?
Sorry, not supported.
Does the battery of MOIN Camera support disassembly?
Sorry, not supported.
What are the lens parameters of MOIN Camera?
FOV: 120° Equivalent focal length: 20mm Aperture size: F2.2
When my MOIN Camera is placed on a static desktop, why the pitch/yaw axis will drift slowly?
The first solution: calibration The second solution: Is it possible to increase the tripod mode in the static state?
Why can't my MOIN Camera be centered?
Reason: Abnormal calibration data Solution: return to factory for repair
Why can't my MOIN Camera be charged with PD charger
Reason: Our MOIN Camera does not support PD chargers Solution: Use a common 5V2A charger or mobile phone charger
Why can't the screen of my MOIN Camera be touched?
Reason: the camera firmware is abnormal Solution: Restart, if the restart cannot be resolved, there is a problem with the screen. If this, please return to...
Why does my MOIN Camera freeze, the button does not work, and cannot be turned off?
Reason: abnormal firmware Solution: Use a paperclip to poke the reset button at the bottom of the machine
Why does my MOIN Camera occur an unexpected power failure during the upgrade process?
Reason: unexpected power failure Solution: restart and then upgrade Warning: (Do not shut down during the upgrade process, or it cannot be repaired)