MOIN Camera

Why does my MOIN Camera stop unexpectedly during recording?
Reason: The writing speed of the TF card is low, and it does not meet 4KP60 high resolution and high frame rate recording. Solution: Need to use the recomm...
Why does the MOIN Camera working normally, but the screen does not light up after turning it on, and the indicator light shows normal?
Reason: the MOIN Camera board is abnormal Solution: restart the MOIN Camera
Why does the video taken by my MOIN Camera have two files, one is clear and the other is blurred?
This is a normal phenomenon.  The clear ones are the files produced by normal shooting, and the blurry ones are the preview files.
Why is my MOIN Camera video/photograph function unavailable?
Reason: the MOIN camera firmware is abnormal Solution: restart
Why is my MOIN Camera weak and the indicator light flashes white when it is turned on?
Reason: Gimbal enters the boot state Solution: Double-click the video button, and then restart the MOIN Camera
Why is there no change in my MOIN Camera after choosing MOZA Color?
Really sorry for this problem, the function of MOZA Color is already normal.  The new firmware version will be launched after our mass production.
Why the edges of the MOIN Camera screen appear blurred?
It is a common problem with wide-angle lenses, there is a defocus blur on the edge.
Why the handle of my MOIN Camera is very hot, especially the iron part?
Reason: MOIN Camera can shoot 4K/60fps video with a bit rate of 100Mbps at most. The measured data volume can reach 100MB per minute. It is a normal phenome...
Why the MOIN Camera cannot be charged when the body is still hot?
Reason: The battery is in a state of over-temperature charging protection Solution: You can resume charging after standing for a period of time