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slypod and ifocus without gimbal?

 I  just bought the slypod and ifocus, does it work without the gimbal?

when I power up the slypod and ifocus, then do the network pairing, it would pair just fine - but then what?

how do I tell the ifocus to start scanning the lens ? 

when I try to manually rotate my lens with the ifocus attached, it is impossible as the ifocus refuse to sense the lens rotation

MOZA iFocus Wireless Follow Focus Handunit

I believe you need one of these to operate the iFocus without a gimbal since most of the gimbals have the wheel built-in to the handle. I imagine anyone would need the hand unit though when operating the iFocus on the Slypod even with a gimbal because the Slypod would be moving at the same time you're trying to use the focus wheel on the gimbal handle. 

I think you can operate the iFocus motor without a gimbal by using the Wireless Follow Focus Hand Unit. I tried putting a link but the comment didn't post when I put the link with it. Just search for it on

Can I combine Slypod pro with other brand gimbal (zhiyun) Will Slypod application connect and drive the gimbal. Thank you

If the other gimbal has the correct threading and weighs the correct amount then I imagine you could mount it to the Slypod Pro but you would have to control the Slypod and the other gimbal independently. 

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