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slypodPRO and Air 2s ??

Hi people i'm interested in the combo with slypodPRO and Air 2s and i'll have to carry a blackmagic pocket4k with lenses

is here someone that did the same? or similar with other cameras?

this solution is very interesting but i canòt find so many people around that did it

any help is wellcome

Can you elaborate more on what you’re trying to do with your setup?

well i'm trying to have a 4 axis slider setup that can carry a poicket4k-6k wit lenses and mattebox when needed

So you’ll need to first see if your camera is compatible with the Air2S. Check the downloads section on Gudsen mozas website. Then if it is you’ll need to know your rigs weight that you’ll be putting on the Air2S and see if the gimbal can handle the weight. Then do the same (rig plus gimbal) for the slypod. Hope that’s helpful.

hi nick thanks for your reply, yes i know all the process already but i was asking if someone did the same to have a direct feedback before to invest money

i was waiting for the Moza Air X solution that was presented at NAB 2 years ago but it looks not available yet

i own another slider solution that works pretty fine but i'm in search for more power and stability

I too would like to see the Moza Air X come to life. They’ve had other products that have also never seen the light of day. Have you checked the BlackMagic forums?
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