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How to Connect the Mini P Gimbal to a Go Pro Hero 10 and.....

Hello Moza community, 

At my Office we are trying to connect the Mini P Gimbal to a Go Pro Hero 10 and. then have the ability to control the Go Pro using the Gimble Buttons and Trigger.    From what i have read ,  The GO Pro and Gimbal are compatible.  I also have downloaded the Moza  Genie and Master Apps onto my phone and  do not see anyway  to enable this functionality.   I appreciate   any assistance and have a great day!

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So, if you check the compatibility chart in the downloads section of the Moza Mini P's webpage, you will see that the GoPro Hero10 isn't actually listed but instead the GoPro Hero7 is listed. And even the GoPro Hero7 is only listed as Balancing and Inception Mode compatible instead of control compatible. You can still use your Hero10 but you will be unable to control it from the gimbal handle. 

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