Moza Air 2S Specifications
Air 2S: Payload Ran Minimum Payload 1.1 lbs (500g) Maximum Payload 9.25 lbs (4200g) Air 2S: Camera Tray Dimensions Roll to release center 110 Til...
Why can't my MOZA Air 2S search for the Bluetooth model in the App, nor can I search for it on my mobile phone?
1. Please search and connect in the Master App instead of in the Bluetooth menu of the phone settings. 2. Use other systems or brands of mobile phones to t...
Why does MOZA Air 2S display illegal data after setting a delay in the APP?
Maybe your time parameters and points are set incorrectly or not set, please refer to the document for detailed setting steps.
Why is my MOZA Air 2S unable to connect Bluetooth but I can search for it in the APP?
1. Confirm that the application you downloaded is correct, and make sure it is Master instead of Genie or Assistant. 2. Whether the app permission is turne...
Why does my MOZA Air 2S fail to charge and the indicator light does not flash?
1. Check whether the charging cable is normal and replace other Type-C charging cables. 2. When the battery is full, the 5 indicators are constant, check t...
Why does my MOZA Air 2S display an error code?
If the error code is OCOO, it can be solved by calibration.  If it is other, it is all caused by the broken circuit or short circuit and needs to be sent b...
Why can't my Air 2S return to normal after the centering operation?
Please switch the following mode to initial.
Why does the motor of MOZA Air 2S have abnormal noise?
1. Make sure it has been leveled. If not, do the leveling operation first. 2. Reduce the output of the motor until it is suitable (it is recommended to red...
Why doesn't my MOZA Air 2S start when I press the power button for a long time?
1. Whether the battery can start normally. 2. If you cannot start, try to press the Reset button. 3. The battery is broken, send it back for repair.
Why does my MOZA Air 2S button not work
1. please upgrade the Firmware. 2. Button failure. Please send it back for repair.