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Nikon Z6II motor parameter


I wanna ask you. How is perfect setting gimbal for this camera. 

Moza Aircross 2

Mean motor output.

What is Filter?

Thank you for your answer.

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The Nikon Z6 II is NOT on the compatibility list with the Moza Air 2
I'm not able to get controls of nikon z6ii on moza air 2. I tried with cable converter but record on and off doesn't work at all including iso and aperture control.

You can get the USB-C adapter from store gudsen com just search in the Moza Air 2 accessories. 

However I do not believe the Air 2 is camera control compatible with your R6. You can buy the adapter and try it but looking at the compatibility list in the downloads section of the Moza Air 2 webpage I am not seeing the R6 listed. Either way you can still USE the Air 2 with the R6, but you may not be able to control the camera from the gimbal handle. 

Hello sir this is Chandrashekar from India Highway moza air 2 gimble Canon R6 I need a I need type C cable for moza Air 2 I hope I can get help from your side

After you have the AirCross 2 balanced, use the Menu and go to Gimbal, next Motor, next Power, and then Autotune. Begin Autotune. Then click OK. The gimbal will set the motors to the correct settings. 

Filter refers to Fine-Tuning the Motors when they are vibrating. 

From the Manual: "3. Filtering parameters: When the motor vibrates with high-frequency, the value should be turned down. When the motor vibrates with low-frequency, the value should be increased."

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