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my moza mini mx 2 is not working

my moza mini mx 2 is not working,it is in on mode ,no switches are working, icant off it


Do you have your user manual close by? If so you should take a look at it to be sure you know how to use it before actually using it. You could damage the gimbal with improper use. 

Are all your motors unlocked? This could be why it's not working correctly.

If you hold the power button down the device should turn off. 

i have the same problem and it solved.. you need to hard reset the gimbal.. just push the very small hole below the charging port with needle.. everything will fix and works properly.. and for nick5dsquare.. i saw your reply in all comments are none of them helpful.. i believe all users already know the basic things how to unlock the gimbal before they turned it on.. and somehow you also can see the pic sent and know if the gimbal already unlocked.. so please before you answer, think first..
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