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Mini P - help making a 90° turn- current have to offset the Pan motor using the joystick

Hello forum, Let me describe the task I attempting to do- I want to walk down a street and at the corner turn 90° left or right. Currently, I have to offset the Pan motor function with the joystick by sliding the nob left or right to counter the pan motor attempting to stay looking straight ahead. Sometimes, If I don't counter the rotation (Try to zero out the Pan Motors reaction to my turn) I will press the trigger twice to get it to re-center and complete my 90° turn. If I use the lock located on the Pan motor Assembly  to prevent the pan from moving- it does what I want, but every time,  then the gimble freaks out, a yellow light at the bottom of thecolor LED  power level display comes on and the gimble makes moves like a gymnast, starts to flip around in various directions, starts beeping  and I lose functionality. Basically the only way to fix that is to restart the Mini P.   What am i missing , is it my expectation is incorrect to think I can turn the camera like this on a 3 axis gimble?   

 Can someone tell me the proper way to make a 90° degree turn?

 Is the lock on the Pan Motor Assembly for something else? Like only to lock it for storage?

P.S. I have the latest firmware update installed

I send thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions,


First, quit engaging the lock motor that makes the gimbal freak out. You’re likely to break it this way. Second, what you’re trying to do is called a Pan Follow. I don’t know if the Mini P has follow modes but that’s what you’ll want to set it to if the joystick turning isn’t smooth enough.

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Page 6 in the English manual states: “ Follow Function ● Left Button Press twice the left button: FPV mode. Press twice again to stop” By left button it means the left side of the wheel that points to the “M”

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Thank you Nick! That was exactly what we  needed to do in order for the gimble to behave the  way wanted. Thank you  for taking the time to  explain it to me.   I'm in the  construction  industry and everyone  including myself are pretty clueless to terminology  related to  videos and photography.   

Thanks again


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Glad I could help. You’re obviously on the right track, you’ve got your online resources to help with the technology gap.
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