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Moza air 2 sleep mode issue

When i turn on the moza air 2 after a few seconds the motor stop to work and comes in sleep mode I have updated the last filmaware and also no lock the tilt before power on How can i solve this problem Thanks

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I learned that any of the three axis locks can result in the sleep mode almost immediately the motors sense the fact. So be careful when unlocking the locks.

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Thanks a lot @Zbigniew for the information

I have more experience with the Sleep Mode now after shooting whole videoclip sessions. I did it with BM 6K pro that has got a tilting screen. That made some troubles using Moza Air 2S. If I grab the tilting screen for too long the gimbal turns into the sleep mode too fast. 

How can I escape the sleep mode without turning the gimbal off and on?

The time of the sleep mode activation should be a little longer I guess.

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Well this issue with sleep mode i never solved it and moza support never help to find a solution , unfortunately while the gimbal turn in sleep mode must turn off and on again to start again activation the gimbal .
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