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Speed motors on Moza Aircross2


i try to modify my speed motors when I turn On the Moza Aircross2. When I turn the dial, the numbers up and douwn but the speed no change. Is it a problem on Gimball ?


According to the manual, those numbers represent the follow-speed value.

"Follow speed value: 0-100. Turn the dial to adjust the value"

If you run the gimbals autotune feature the gimbal will return with the values it believes each axis should be set to. There's also a way to adjust each motor's value individually. But if all of your motors are set to L-lock mode instead of F-follow mode then you will not see a difference. Do you have your motors set to L or F?

The motors with F mode change anything. Il turn the dial from 50 to 5 for example, the speed no change. It's the same thing whith individual parameters. I upgrade my gimbal width moza AirCros2 01.00.06 ID:496. Perhaps it's a firmware default ? Could I restore factory parameters ?

I think you should email Gudsen Moza support with your issue as I don't think anyone in the forums will be able to help you. 

At the top of this page click "New Support Ticket" then go from there. 

I've just understand the problem :

the numbers are the speed of reaction after movements of gimbal. For what I want to do is here :

Gimbal > operation > joystick > sensitivity and left-right or up down.

Is it possible to create a shortut for these function ? -go to page 18

I am unaware of a way to create a shortcut for a menu item but you should be able to save the way your gimbal is configured by going to General_Config_Config1,2,3 and save your settings under the empty configuration file. 

Then when you turn on the gimbal you can load a configuration and your settings will be restored to the way you saved them. Then, hopefully, you don't have to change this setting each time you power off and on the gimbal. 

Hope that helps!

Yes, I know for the preset 1,2,3 and I try it, it's Ok after each start, the config is stay. It's not confortable to select preset when I want to change the speed of Joystick, perhaps with a new version of firmware will resolve this option.

Thanks for your answers !

The internal cables of the moza gimbal are very bad, they are damaged in a short time and they do not sell spare parts (those that go to the axes ERR: 381 and others), in conclusion send to the MOZA technical center (pay shipping and taxes worldwide / guarantee time of purchase), or completely discard the gimbal, it will never work again because of a simple cable that has a particular mechanism. IT IS A Pity THAT MOZA PREFERS TO CREATE MORE INSERVABLE POLLUTION BY A SIMPLE CABLE OR SPARE.

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