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Moza mini MX stopped working

My moza mini MX stopped working, iam from Karnataka, India. Is there any service center nearby or any other solution for this ?

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yes mine also stoped

The Moza Genie app can only shoot at 30 fps. When used at 120fps the app goes close. The phone I use is Realme X2 (android). For this reason, bad results are obtained. I need to fix this as soon as possible. I trust you.

You three might want to create a New Support Ticket and have Gudsen Moza Support help you through this issue. The link is at the top of this page.

My moza mini mi has stopped working.Have tried all suggestions on the forum but no joy.Can you pls assist.Do you have technical support in australia

My Issues was not resolved, hence I contacted my dealer and returned the product under warranty. Now I am using different model and Brand.

mbogua njoroge- what happened with your mini mi? What happened when it stopped working?

Moza mini power on but not function other things

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Even mine moza mini mx has stopped working. It's been a month I've bought it from Amazon.
Rahul Kurup, Diwakar Raj- When you say it isn’t working, what do you mean?

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Not working
After switch on the mechine not working
Please check the video , my mechine is not working it's under warrenty products
In MOZA Mini Mx the gimbal automatically vibrate and then it gets sleep the locks are also unloked. Plz help
Moza Support representatives do not read these posts (as far as I can tell) so please click the link “New Support Ticket” at the top of the page to get help from a support representative
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