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Moza air 2 sleep mode issue

When i turn on the moza air 2 after a few seconds the motor stop to work and comes in sleep mode I have updated the last filmaware and also no lock the tilt before power on How can i solve this problem Thanks

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I don't understand why they are like this, they're not the only game in town and us customers have a long reach of influence throughout this videographer world. It shouldn't be taken so lightly. Our money has power and I'm gonna do everything within my power to discredit this terrible company rightfully so. My next youtube video will be "DON'T PURCHASE MOZA PRODUCTS" "WHY U SHOULD TRASH YOUR MOZA FOR ZHIYUN OR DJI" "MOZA THE WORST GIMBAL COMPANY OF ALL TIME"

They deserve to be punished to the fullest and I congratulate you for this awareness of videographers around the world.

This is the answer I got from the company about the “sleep mode” issue Hello kobi, Thanks for your reply. If your gimbal enters sleep mode, there may be 3 reasons. Please check it first. 1. The motor lock is not unlocked. 2. You did not balance your gimbal well. 3. The battery isn't have power.


My gimble still sleep mode not working send me tha solve probelm...

how are the sleep mode issue solve?

Hello, I don't have a problem with sleep mode, but it doesn't turn on at all. On its LCD it says (Error 002) According to an explanation I found on YouTube, I did that and again without success!!!!!!!!

The sleep mode seems to prevent from damaging the motors. So you have to be aware of not touching the camera for too long while filming. Focusing must be done automatically or via IFOCUS system.

sleep mode problem

I have the same sleep mode issue. Starts up and then goes into sleep mode. Any Moza feedback?

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