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Conncecting with Nikon D750

Hi, could somebody tell me how I can connect my D750, at least to start/stop recording?

Thank You


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Hi Nick, no, because yiu can do that on D850, not on D750. I am using the gimble only to stablize. It's ok

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For the Nikon D850 it's the M3C-Micro USB cable, but I am not seeing your Nikon D750 on the compatibility chart for the Aircross 2. By compatibility, I am referring to the ability of the gimbal to control the settings (ISO, Shutter, Aperture, Start/Stop Rec, Focus, etc) of your camera. 

You should still try the M3C-Micro cable though with your D750 as it may work and your model just isn't listed on their chart. Attach the cable from the Aircross 2 to your D750 with the M3C-Micro cable and on the gimbal select "M3C-USB" in the camera select menu. 

Note- The cable is Micro USB and if your D750 has the Micro USB TypeB port then you'll only use the larger HALF of that port to plug the cable in. 

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Can not control ISO or exposure on my D750 and Moza Air 2 gimbal. Controls shutter but that is all so far. Using Gudsen N3 Shutter control cable set. Any help is appreciated.

Hello Nick, the M3C-Micro will not connect to the D750.

Can you attach a photo of what your D750 USB port looks like? I cannot find any information online for what type of port is on the D750. I might have prematurely thought the M3C-Micro would fit based on what the D850 uses.

Which gimbal are you trying to connect the camera to?

Yes, that the same assumption I did.

Pls find enclosed the photos of the ports.

There must be a way, I am sure.

Looks to be a proprietary cable, meaning it isn't generic USB, so I don't think you will be able to connect it through USB to your gimbal. 

How did that work out for you?

Hi Nick, it's an Aircross2 :)

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