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How to activate moza genie ?

My moza mini mx2 can't activate in moza genie ? The app alwasy (force close) after I input 6 digit code

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Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Moza Genie?


Is your bluetooth turned on?

You have to go in your phone's Bluetooth menu and connect to the Mini MX 2. Then open the Moza Genie app and connect the app to the gimbal as well in the Moza Genie menu, 

When ever i enter the verification code the app forced closed. I couldn't verify the app with moza mini mx. Need help
After punching OTP the application is automatically close.

Ramdinsanga- I do not remember having to put in a code on my Moza Genie app when pairing my iPhone with my Mini MX2. What phone are you using?

Sushant Sharma- What do you mean by OTP?

No activation panel of moza mini mx coming on one plus 11 Android 14.. the app orientation button missing and slow motion also not working...
The customer care number mention on the box of moza mini mx says they don't work for moza as the brand doesn't provide after sales support. The basic orientation button is not shown on the app
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