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Moza Slypod Pro is not charging

Hi, I just unpacked my Moza Slypod Pro and wanted to start working with it. For that reason I want to charge the batery first. When I connect the Slypod with the provided cable and my phone charger as the USB hub, the light is blimping green, and is not red steady red.

In the App I can make connection, but the battery level is telling me 0% charged.

What do I do wrong? Or what do I have to do?

Let me know.


You will need a much more powerful adapter than your phone charger to charge your slypod. Browse the manual for the power requirements. I use an iPad charger for my Air 2 after losing a set of batteries due to undercharging from a phone charger USB adapter.

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I see now what my problem was. Somehow there have been an unfinished update. Si I did the firmware update myself. Problem solved.
I still recommend a better(more powerful) USB adapter to charge your sly pod with. Check your user manual or the safety and disclaimer guide and find the required voltage and amperage needed to charge your slypod and then get a USB adapter that meets those specs. I know it is unfortunate that Moza, and many other companies for that matter, aren’t putting the proper USB adapters in their device kits and users will mistakenly undercharge their gimbals and booms which will cause them to quit working and decrease the products longevity.

Hi Nick, thanks for the update. I will certainly use a proper ASB adapter to charge the Moze Slypod. Thanks. 

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