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Moza air two won’t power up

I’ve only used this gimbal twice. Once at unboxing and once to balance my camera. I got it out after a couple months in the closet and it will not power up with fully charged batteries

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 Is someone from the Moza support team able to offer any insight here?

 Issue solved.

We connected a 12-volt power supply to the DC input next to the USB-c port on the gimbal. We did not have a 14-volt power supply.

The external 12-volt DC power was enough to power the gimbal into Boot Mode only - it did not fully power-on. We then took a closer look at the batteries.

As I mentioned earlier, all the batteries charged fully in the charger, turning the indicator from red to green as each finished charging. Nothing unusual here.

We loaded the charged batteries back into the charger a second time. This time we noticed only 3 of the 4 indicator lights came on as green when the batteries were loaded into the charger.

One battery flashed red for a second in the charger before turning the indicator green.


We then purchased a new set of Moza batteries from B&H photo. Charged the batteries over several hours until the red indicator lights on the charger turned green.

We installed the new batteries, pressed and held the power button and the gimbal turned on as usual.

Again, the original batteries gave no obvious sign of failure.

- hope this helps others.

Told you it was the batteries. Do yourself a favor, in the future when you charge them only charge one battery at a time and make sure it’s being charged via the far left or far right charging spots that are labeled 1A. This is the proper way of charging your Moza batteries. I was told this directly from Moza themselves and have even written about it on their Moza Academy website. Glad you got it figured out
When you took the gimbal out of the closet, were the batteries still in the gimbal? Have you checked the charge of the batteries since pulling it out of the closet? Are you holding down the power button when attempting to turn on the gimbal?

 Having the same issue.

Batteries are fully charged - green lights on all four batteries

Batteries are installed in proper position - polarity correctly following diagram.

Gimble will not power up when pressing and holding the power button.

GImble will not power up when pressing and holding joy stick and power button simultaneously.

Gimble will not power up when plugged into AC via USB-C cable

We last used the gimble on 5/15 (approximately 10 weeks ago) without issue.

Please advise as to how to repair

Just went through the same issue with them a few months ago. If you're in the states, their solution will be to offer you 30% off a new one. Their claim was that it wasn't cost-effective to ship it to China since no one in the US repairs them. Ours had been out of warranty for about 90 days when it bricked. 

Your batteries may not be charged just because all the lights are green on the charger. They could be dead so the charger doesn’t turn red when it detects them.

 All four batteries were red prior to charging

From the time you last used it until now, were the batteries stored in the gimbal?

I have had my own battery issues with the gimbal but never to where my gimbal wouldn't turn on. 

The batteries were stored in the carry case - not in the gimbal.



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