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Moza Mini MX 4k 60fps

Hi, in the app there is no way to choose 4K 60fps. Galaxy S22 Ultra. Please fix this problem. Thank you

Are you able to change your resolution settings or frame rate at all? On my Moza Genie app I am able to tap on the icon that says “1080p 60” with a rectangle around it. Are you seeing that on your screen?
In the app is only 30 fps to choose. I recieved mail from Moza guys and 60fps Is available only in iOS. So for android phones Is gimbal useless.
The gimbal isn’t the issue, the app is. And the gimbal isn’t useless, you just can’t shoot 4K through the Moza genie. But you can use your phones native camera to shoot 4K video instead.
You can use native app but without using zoom and without switching between video and photo mode. You have to click on the phone display. You can't use all the gimbal features without Moza app.
The gimbal is still a gimbal. It’ll record smooth footage and allow for new angles. The only part you’re missing are the controls. Android users have been having trouble with Moza apps (all of them) since the Android 12 update.

Even if you set an iPhone to PAL 25fps the Moza Genie app will only offer 30fps. The app does not take any notice of the settings on the phone. The gimbals are wonderful, but the app is terribly lacking in useful functionality.

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