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Cannot turn on iFocus-M using 5v to 8v cable

Hi I just got Aircross 3 Professional Kit. I cannot turn on the iFocus-M using 5v to 8v cable using power bank, blue light not on. The blue light is on if I plug it to power bank using USB type C. But I still cannot pair it to wireless controller

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Unfortunately, yes, that's why I think it's a poor firmware and I hope they will improve it.

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Mikołaj! Yes, its wok! Thanks!

But there is one more question. If i turn off gimbal or handunit (or both), then when i turn it on again i need to pair and set AB again, the settings are not saved. 

Do you have this problem too?

I finally figured out how to sync ifocus-m! At the first, it is clearly some software bug, either the stabilizer or the ifocus module itself. To connect ifocus-m to handunit: 1. open UART1 port in stabilizer, - enter settings menu, go down to advanced tab> UART1> open. 2.connect the ifocus-m to the UART1 port under the stabilizer arm 3. turn the stabilizer OFF 4. turn-on the handunit and go to wireless> pair setting 5. hold the joystick to the right as if you want to turn on the pairing BUT DO NOT let go 6. turn-on the stabilizer and when "MOZA" appears release the button on the handunit, it should work.

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I escalated the issue to local Moza distributor. Initially they said there was problem with 8to5v cable, then later on they said there is problem with the firmware and they promise me to provide fix in 7 working days. Now still waiting
I took some screen shots and marked the areas of interest on from the video. It’s appears to be a Moza branded multi can to usb c cable.
Found a video on YouTube but I can’t leave links here so it will be on your post over on the Moza academy. But it looks like you should have a multi can (looks like a headphone jack) to usb c cable that goes from the multi can of the iFocus m to the usb c of the AirCross 3.
Try the Multi Can cable. Also, Google “Moza iFocus m manual” and read through it.


I unboxed the new one Aircross 3.

Connect PCS-5T8V to UART1 port. 

Turned on the handunit and turned pairing mode.

Turned on the gimbal, opened UART1 port in the menu.

Connected ifocus-M to PCS-5T8V and the motor is not turn on.

Here is the video:

What am i doing wrong? Or it is defective motor or gimbal or cable?

This is how it’s shown on Mozas website. Looks like it’s not the USB C of the iFocus M but the other plug and then it’s adapted to USB C plugged into that port I previously mentioned.
The AirCross 3 has a USB C port, no? Try the one labeled UART2
Hi Nick, Thanks for the advice. I'm using Aircross 3, in the mamual show there is no port provided by Aircross 3 to supply power to iFocus M and iFocus M also stated there is no battery in iFocus M so I have to use external power source.
Please read your user manual. It clearly states “ Type-C: Connect it with the computer for firmware upgrade. Multi-CAN Port: For power supply and communication when connected to MOZA stabilizer with Multi-CAN cable.” Please do not plug the motor in to anything else before reading the manual. There is no need to power it from a bank as it only works with the gimbal when plugged into the gimbal. What you are doing could ruin your product. Read your manual please. It’s available online if you look up “Moza iFocus m” and there’s information about the handunit in the manual as well.
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