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Moza aircross3 encounters bug feedback during use

Moza aircross3 cannot control EOS r5/r6 recording with the data line. When EOS R is used, the recording button will not respond when returning from the camera playback interface.

It is hoped that the engineering department will develop new firmware to download and repair as soon as possible.

Another problem is that when checking the latest firmware on the mobile app, it will always prompt "there is new firmware". In fact, the firmware has not been updated.It is IOS system.

Finally, I would like to add a question: the folding position of AC3, the screw is easy to slip, and the folding position is open, even if the screw is tightened, it will still be loose.

Sincerely hope that the development department can take the product seriously, do not have problems in the key position, and do not treat our consumers as test objects. I am a professional photographer and use Canon system. Do not develop the stabilizer only for Sony users. Thank you.

I am a photographer from China. I also hope to participate in the product development and testing and provide feedback. AC3 is my favorite stabilizer, but I am also very disappointed by its shortcomings.

I hope the development department can take note of my post and help me solve the problem. I also hope it can help more photographers.

My English is not good, so I use translation software. If there are translation errors, I hope I won't be surprised.

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