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Moza aircross 2, error 8001

When I turn on my gimbal without balancing it or even attaching the camera it shows error 8001 . What should I do ?

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They are not solutions, Gudsen told me this.

Err 8001 solve it

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Lulu can you show us how did you solve it err 8001
Same issue err 800


I have issue in my moza aircross 2 error 8001 any solution? 

Hi Mam Sir.. Admin i have issue in my moza air cross 2 error 8001 any solution?
How do I solve error 8001 on the moza aircross 2
I have the same problem. Anyone got a solution?
Moza aircross 2 gimbal I have issue in my moza aircross 2 error 8001 any solution

Como solucionar esse problema?

alguma solução da Companhia?

Moza aircross err 8001 problim solve
I spoke to the customer support team. Error 8001 means there is something broken. You will need to email the customer support team to help. In my situation they could not help and now I have a broken gimbal. They offered me 30% off the new aircross 3 but tbh I don’t think I will be investing any money into this company as I hardly used this gimbal before it broke.
Error 8001 problems
The same case with mine
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