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Moza aircross 2, error 8001

When I turn on my gimbal without balancing it or even attaching the camera it shows error 8001 . What should I do ?

23 people have this problem

Same issue with me

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I don't know, how Gudsen company expect that we decide to upgrade our gimbal system on new version of Moza product if I waiting more than two month for answer. Support is horible.

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Err 8001 solve it

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Lulu can you show us how did you solve it err 8001
Same issue err 800
Same issue
Moza aircross 2 err 8001

HI, i've the same problem, anyone solved it? Thanks

How to solve it
Moza aircross 2 error 8001

same Problem with me help me please

same probel with me


I have the same problem. Anyone got a solution?
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