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Moza Air 2 - Battery

 Are these battery impossible to find?

Someone can help me?

2 people have this problem

always having issues with batteries.  bought spare batteries but they will not charge.  I found the battery issue a knock on the quality of the product.  tired of dumping money into faulty equipment and design.   Used5dsquares responses are arrogant and obnoxious.  

Any answer to this? I need batteries here in Canada.

Adorama, B&H, Midwest Photo, not sure why they're not on Mozas website but theyre everywhere else

nope - no stock at BH or midwest, and they only show the white 3pack, which is still not full spec. This is bizarre that Moza uses such a niche battery... even worse that they don't answer inquiries or stock / sell what is needed for they own product!

So, Adorama?

Nope - same thing and still backordered where remotely compatible. Besides, Adorama has proven to be highly unreliable and with massive CS issues in ordering to Canada, so I don't even look at their site anymore.

Have you checked eBay?

seriously??? No. This is a regular product, still selling... ffs, its not out of line to expect batteries to be available from the company that's selling it.

Adorama had them available for me in the USA so I am not sure why you’re taking your issues out with me. I have three sets of batteries that I bought after buying the gimbal maybe you should have done the same instead of complaining now.
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