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Assetto Corsa Compitition

 I just recieved my R9 kit today, Everything has been working great with every game I've played so far. However, with Assetto Corsa Compitition my wheel will not center no matter what I do with the Moza Software or in game settings..

Any ideas? I've included a screenshot showing the wheel properly calibrated in software with the game in the background, The wheel in game is quite off.

 Just realized I spelled the games name wrong my bad. Anyway, I centered the wheel off center and now its centered in game, Im getting almost zero force feedback from it though.


Maybe you already tried it but

1.  Have you set the FFB in ACC to 70 to 100% as well? (and changed all other settings?)

2.  Have you calibrated the wheel in game as well and is the rotation equal to what is set in the Moza app?

3. Updated all moza software, wheel and base software?

I've got the R9 as well and for me the FFB is picked up by the game. (although I have some other issues with the Formula wheel but thats a completely different story ;) )

Yeah so it took me a while to figure out on my own, But if I'm remembering right, I ended up having to reinstall the Moza Pithouse software. It started having issues for some reason and would crash on startup.. Was odd, Works fine now. Then Im pretty sure what fixed ACC for me was starting the game with only the R9 base plugged in. Works great. I did try all three of your recommendations before posting this and they didn't help. Thanks though haha!

The wheel is still off-center but I just keep the Moza software open on my second monitor and off-center the wheel in the Moza software until the physical wheel lines up with the car's in-game.
Typically it ends up being off center in the Moza software by about 16 degrees like in my screenshots. This game and one other are the only games that do this and I cant remember off the top of my head what other game had this issue. I think the problem stems from some games not having a "wheel centering" function in-game and something not being communicated properly between the software and the game. Not sure, Just an idea.

I will say that Forza Motorsport 7 seems to have better wheel support than Horizon 5 right out of the box, Getting FFB on Horizon was a real pain as well but FM7 worked flawlessly. Not an issue for me, I like Motorsport more anyways!

I've been loving the R9 setup I have so far even though there are some quirks. Nothing comes close and I've got a lot of friends who have used it and are just blown away. Some are looking to get their own now lol.

One time I had an misalignment of the wheel and I was able to fix it by the following. I'm guessing you already tried but just to be safe :)  

When I had the wheel misalignment issue as you have (or had), such that the MOZA app indicated a 35% angle while the game said zero, I turned the wheel until it looked horizontal to me and then pressed the button center in the MOZA app (base settings next to maximum steering angle). That did the trick but only experienced it once so could be unrelated to your problem. 

I don't know about FM7 about the FFB. I'm just a regular pc kind of guy trying to race on iRacing and ACC.  (which is quite a challenge haha).  And 9 NM is already quite enough as to learn the race craft :D

I do like the R9 when it works but not sure if you have experienced it,  but does your R9 sometimes loses connection? Such that the shifting has a delay or not responding. Or that the MOZA app either crashes or loses connection with the wheel. I've got the formula wheel with screen and that loses quite often connection with the game (any game). So you can still race but all the display info is frozen (and with some shifting delay). Currently send in a ticket to MOZA but after two weeks still no response (so that's a "bit" disappointing). 

Yep that's what I ended up having to do to fix the alignment in game. Not sure why some racing games don't have centering but it works fine once set up haha. My FFB issue with Forza was on Horizon and I eventually fixed it, But IMO it just doesn't feel very good. Might have to change some settings. And I am on PC as well, Forza Motorsport 7 feels great actually and I didn't really have to change many settings or anything, it was pretty easy. And yeah 9nm should be good for quite a while haha, You'd have to get real serious about it to need more. If you haven't tried it yet, rFactor is amazing, it's super realistic and the force feedback feels just like a real car. The setup time is worth it! As for your connection issues, I've not had any hardware related issues with my R9 or other Moza peripherals. I have the GS wheel so I can't say much for the screen, However I would definitely change to a different USB port and use one thats on the back of your computer. If not then you could easily run into issues like that. Maybe try reinstalling the Moza PitHouse software as well, mine had an issue and froze up once and a reinstall fixed it right up. Right now I actually bought a powered USB 3.0 hub to plug everything into and it's been working great with no noticable latency change. I went this direction for when I get a Sim rig that way anything I need to plug in will have an easy spot to plug into that's also able to provide full power to each USB port and I'm just gonna use my gaming computer I already have for it but most my ports are already used for my standard gaming setup.
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