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Power supply for iFocus M

Good afternoon. 

I have problems turning on iFocus M. I use a USB-C -jack 3.5 cable to connect power from UART1. In the menu, I turned on the power on the UART1 port. Once a blue light bulb lit up on iFocus M and pairing with iFocusHandle occurred. 

After the next turn on, the light bulb does not light and, accordingly, the motor is not controlled. I checked with a multimeter, there is something about 8 volts on the last two contacts of jack 3.5, and the gear itself on the focus M resists rotation when the power is connected, if the power is turned off or off the port, it rotates freely. What's wrong? has anyone met with something like this?

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Yes, the connection is lost after the power is turned off. Very uncomfortable. And it doesn 't work out the first time

it helped, but not for a long time, the focus drive is immediately lost, does not calibrate the motor, indicates that the focus is not paired.

oH!  Thanks) I read carefully that it was necessary to hold the button and not release it)

Does the blue light light up when you connect the power to the iFocus-M?

It helped me:

Please follow up below tutorial to connecting ifocus-m to handunit:
1. open UART1 port in stabilizer, - enter settings menu, go down to advanced tab> UART1> open.
2. connect the ifocus-m to the UART1 port under the stabilizer arm
3. turn the stabilizer OFF
4. turn-on the handunit and go to wireless> pair setting
5. hold the joystick to the right as if you want to turn on the pairing BUT DO NOT let go
6. turn-on the stabilizer and when "MOZA" appears release the button on the handunit, and it's works.


 I have the same problem as you, updated soft, but it didn`t help. Wrote to support

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