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Moza Air 2s battery doesnt seem to work

Hi All,

I bought a Moza Air 2s today and I tried to power it on but nothing happened. Then I connected a usb-c cable to charge in at the bottom port but the battery indicators dont show anything. When I switch it on  it shows the language selection and then switches off. I managed to upgrade the firmware with 2 cables to version 1.0.3 but again no change.

Anyone had similar experience?

Thank you



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I have the same problem. Any solution to this, besides returning the product?

I returned the product to the shop and awaiting for a new one. The battery was totally dead, couldn't be charged.

I decided not to wait for the solution from Moza and asked my reseller for a new device. It will be possible to pick up tomorrow. I'll check it in the store and write you if it works.

I got a new device from the store and it had exactly the same problem. Just took my money and left.

I already ordered Weebill 3, we will see.

I have exactly the same problem. new out of the box. can't get it to charge. and there is no way to open it to change the batteries as far as I can see. without ripping off the rubber. that would void the warrantee for sure. It would most likely take a long time to send it back for new batteries, I would rather put them in myself :( what happens when the batteries die of old age? Do you have to junk it? 

got the same problem. seems like defective product.

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