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Aircross 3 spinning out of control no mater how much its balanced/calibrated

I don't know what is happening with my gimbal. I had it for a year now and I never had any problems with it until last week (the week be for thanksgiving if anyone is wondering). I tried everything to fix it and nothing is working. I would attach a video of it in of what I mean but I'm scared that if I turn it on its going to end up making a hole in the wall at which the speed it spins at. can anyone help me figure out what is going on because this shouldn't be happening with in one year let alone 5 uses of it.

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i am having the exact same issue and am extremely disappointed. did you ever figure out a solution?

Nope, I tried re-opening my time ticket, and they said nothing...

Wow, so then they never offered a repair or replacement? Did you just have to buy another gimble!?? I’m having this issue right now and can’t afford to pay for a brand new system 2 months after the “brand new” gimble I got crapped the bed.

No, nothing like that it took a bit for me to get connected with someone since my situation is a little bit unique. For starters, the gimbal was a gift. And second, the person who bought the gimbal bought it from a 3rd party seller. In this case, Amazon. I finally got in contact with someone and post updates about it. But for now, they told me to try updating the firmware, which I have been doing both on my laptop and the MOZA app. And that hasn't fixed the problem. My guess is that the motor is just faulty and hasn't been tested fully. If you still have your warranty, then you should be able to get it replaced but don't quote me on that.

It has been 2 years and i am unable to resolve this issue.

Update: If your gimbal spins like mine, then the stabilizer is loose, so it sounds like it could be fixed. However, if you live in the US, MOZA doesn't have a repair center here. If you are in warranty, then it seems like you can get a replacement, but if you are out of warranty, like I am, then the best they can do is give you a discount on a semi-used gimbal. 

Thanks for the info, yeah I still have warranty as this happenned after only 2 months of use! Their responses are taking forever and are sent in broken English awesome enough. Can’t wait to get it fixed/replaced and sell it so I can leave this company in the past and never look back!
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