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Moza air 2 sleep mode issue

When i turn on the moza air 2 after a few seconds the motor stop to work and comes in sleep mode I have updated the last filmaware and also no lock the tilt before power on How can i solve this problem Thanks

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Do you run the balance check before using the gimbal?

Do you also run the autotune?

Yes i run the autotune and done an ballance check, i think is about how heavy is my camera i use an blackmagic 6k pro , before update the last filmware when the motor of the gimbal was tired just start an vibration but now comes in sleep mode . Also i noticed if the batteries is full have better results no comes in sleep mode easily ! Thanks Steven for the help !

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Which lens are you using with your Blackmagic 6k pro? The camera has a weight of almost 3 pounds or 1.28 kilograms and the Moza Air 2 can handle up to 9.25lbs. or 4.2kg. Depending on the lens you're using, the camera and lens combination should be within the weight limit. Also, if you're using a zoom lens it could be why your gimbal goes to sleep mode as zoom lenses don't work well with gimbals. 

I use samyang 24mm cine t1.5 lens Blackmagic 6k pro is difficult camera for the right ballance i know its not so heavy for the moza air 2 but my problem is while i working its really bad lost your gimbal going to sleep mode . Before done this update of filmware understand when push the gimbal when started vibration the gimbal now just goes to sleep mode ! Its a shame because it's perfect gimbal but have this issue ! Anyway

I just thought of two more possibilities- 

Is your Roll motor locked?

Are you correctly balancing the Yaw motor? This one has to be done manually

No its not locked the roll motor Also the yaw ballance are made manually . Maybe is a issue with blackmagic 6k pro its not easy for ballance and moza air 2 no vibration anymore and go to sleep mode ! Thanks for the interest

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I have the same problem. After the firmware update, Sleep Mode on the Air2 is now a very common occurrence. 

I had similar issues running a BM4k with a sigma 18-35. After two sets of bad batteries I now connect my gimbal to a V-mount battery and have since had no sleep issues. You may just have bad or poor batteries.

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Many thanks for the information i will check it . But what you mean about v mount battery ?

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They are a much bigger external battery source that you can attach to your gimbal. You can find them on Amazon or B&H I am sure

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Ok thanks once again i will check it

Also ancountering sleep mode like all of a sudden. I think it is dangerous for the camera like 6K pro. There are uncontrolled movements of the gear. Please do sth about it as the collisions may damage the cameras.

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Οκ thanks for the information The strange with this issue is after one year never hear any news by moza . Still have this issue the only think that not tried its to change batteries find more power battery i will see . Thank you for the help

Still have this issue on Moza Mini Mi

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