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Moza aircross 2 Error Err:f3ff

Moza Aircross 2 throw an error (err:f3ff). It had worked previous day , but I could not turn it on today, so I didn't make necessary videos. I can't load a new firmware and calibrate it. Please, help!

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It sounds like you need to file a New Support Ticket (see the option on the top of this page. 

Tell me Moza Air cross 2 Error bf31 tell me about

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Tell me about Err: 8001 and Err:cam

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Having the same problem! On a shoot for a client. It’s not looking like they’re offering any help here!?

This is simply a forum. 

To file a request for support click on "New Support Ticket" at the top of this page and fill out the form from there. 

I have problems for error:b3f1 plz help me

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I repaired my Moza under warranty. The problem is that one of the axes' connection cable is broken.

So it's need to open it ,and we connect well the cables ???
Coz they didn't give us warranty
I have problems with my new moza air 2 error b3f1 plz help me
I have problems with my new moza air 2 error b3f1 plz help me
Saludos estoy muy desesperado tengo un moza air 2 con el error "F3FF" y no encuentro solución a este problema o de que podría darlo
I have the same mistake, I don't know what to do... quite recently, everything worked well
I guess if there's no solution to this error B3f1 we should be told what the error codes means.
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