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Moza aircross 2 not working with iFocus

I am using the latest updated fireware given by moza for aircross 2 (1.0.6) and latest firmware for ifocus using the Windows software. Using the 3.5mm cable that connects the gimbal and the ifocus results in no blue light on the ifocus. I get err when trying to setup the feature on the gimbal anyways. Do I have a dudd? Please let me so I can return this thing if no one can get this thing to work. Thanks.

So if you aren't getting the blue light then the iFocus is either off or not powering on. When you charge the iFocus what does the light on the unit do?

The light turns blue when plugged into the USB C. I don't get the blue light when I plug the 3.5mm cables between the ifocus and the aircross 2 gimbal.

This might be a silly question but are you turning the iFocus motor on with the power button on the unit?

That is a perfectly suitable question. Because now I am realizing that I am not being clear that I am using the Moza IFocus M - (in case there are other units). I do not see an on/off button on this thing. And just checked the diagram in the manual just to make sure I didn't miss anything?

There are other types as the original is just called the iFocus. It has Bluetooth, carries its own charge, and also has a power button.

So, when you plug the Multi Can Cable into the iFocus M and the AirCross 2, nothing happens?

Have you had successful use of the iFocus M before now?

Correct. Nothing happens at all when I plug the 3.5mm cable Into the CAN port of the gimbal and the ifocus. I believe the blue light should turn on when the plugged connection is made and the gimbal is on? This is brand new out of the box. Haven't been able to use it yet. Anyway to troubleshoot?

Yes, according to the manual, if the gimbal is on and the iFocus M is connected to the AirCross 2 through the Multi Can cable and port then the motor should be on. All the manual says about it being off is that it's just off and not connected. It says if there's errors then a light would be flashing. 

You might have a dud and you should fill out a new support ticket especially if you just bought the gimbal recently. They'll need to get you a new iFocus M motor.

That's what I thought. Thank you for your help in this. Much appreciated.
Have same problem with iFocus M that came with my newly purchase Aircross 3 Professional Kit. I sent back the iFocus M and wireless controll unit to the distributor, they tested the new unit for replacement also cannot pair What happen here Moza? no QC at all
The iFocus M should just plug into the AirCross3 the same way it connects to the AirCross 2, with a cable. The wireless control unit pairs with the motor, not the gimbal. At least that’s what I understand.
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