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AirCross Won't Power On After Firmware Update

I just received my AirCross and followed the provided steps to update the firmware (including powering off the gimbal after the successful update). I then tried to power the gimbal back on to continue following the calibration directions to find my AirCross will no longer power on. I have charged and checked the batteries and they are not the issue. Anyone else have this problem and were you able to fix it?

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I have the same problem, after de firmware won´t power on.

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So I got ahold of support and they said it needs to be shipped back to them to fix; however, they no longer support it so its unfixable. I returned for a refund and got something that works
I have the same problem. Any solution?

The same problem. wrote to support. Here is the answer^

Thanks for contacting Gudsen Technical Support.

To help you properly, please provide below information so that we can follow up your case further.

1. S/N on your gimbal. It's on the device itself, under the quick release system.
2. Purchase receipt in PDF or picture.
3. Where are you located now?
Deeply appreciate your cooperation and understanding.




MOZA Support Team

I sent this information 2 days ago. There is no answer yet.

My own firmware upgrade won't work. It just stays on upgrade then it says ERROR

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