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Moza Nano SE remote controller problem

Hello good people,

I owned a Moza Nano SE, and it was working fine until today. The detachable remote controller has suddenly become non functional. the mini light on the remote flashes but nothing happens on the camera app / or the gimbals. Press M button suppose to make the gimbal move between horizontal and vertical without supporting any app, but that doesn't even happens.

Does the remote controller has battery? how do it charge it self?

can i change the battery of the controller?

Can anyone help / suggest me what to do to solve the problem?

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Please suggest what can be done, product is still under warranty
Could you please download the moza genie app to check if it still has the same problem?

If you use moza genie app, please don't connect your native bluetooth, you need connect your gimbal in moza genie app directly. Check the followings



I have also the same problem. Please guide to fix the problem. Thanks

I have almost the same problem. Only, my menu (top) button is working fine. But none of the others. (I am using the Moze Genie app.)

I tried both the bluetooth reset and the pairing described above but none of them worked.

I also have the same problem.

Have tried all possible troubleshooting steps i.e. un/reinstalling the app, resetting Bluetooth connection, clearing Bluetooth cache as well as the steps outlined above to no avail.

Please help

To everyone experiencing the same issue, try to get in touch with your local/authorized Gudsen dealers. Sent mine back and after isolating the issue, they found out that the remote needed replacement..

They replaced mine after 2 days for about $7 US.

I have a similar problem. Can I have the warranty address in Vietnam?

I have a similar problem. Can I have the warranty address in Vietnam?

Tôi bị vấn đề Remote không điều khiển được?

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