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How to updateMoza Aircross in 2022

I have a moza aircross and i want to update it to the last version but the moza assistant can find the server 

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Are you trying to update it with your computer or with your phone?

Hi i want update my moza aircross with my computer, but i cant find driver and program to do it. Also i hafe such problems with android smartphone. Can you help me?

Try downloading the program Moza Master to your computer and connect your AirCross afterwards to see if it connects properly.
Good morning, I have a moza aircross 1, I balance it as perfectly as I can with the canon m50 camera and the 15 45mm kit lens and it worked very well, but for a few days after balancing, I turn on the moza aircross and it is tilted towards a side, I hope your help to be able to use it without that error, thanks

I have the same problem here. MOZA Assistant APP on Windows always says "Can't find server". Has Gudsen stopped providing the firmware for AirCross 1st gen? If so, I'll appreciate if they reconsider to distribute id again.

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