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Moza Air 1 Turns Off

Hi there...I'm having problems with my MOZA gimbal...It turns on ok, but when I try to move around, it turns off. I've already change batteries, and this is not the problem...any help?


What was the solution?

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Are there any motor locks engaged?
Dear ones, two questions. first : which app to use in moza air first version. I uninstalled it and I don't find the old app. Another question is: I think I pressed the company update button with the equipment in use, how to solve it? or reset? I turn it on and the light is blinking blue as if it were in stand by and if I press the power button it keeps blinking continuously without stopping .. thank you in advance for your attention.
Você apertou algum botão do joystick junto com o de power ? O meu aconteceu isso e acho que dei inicio a atualização de firma em pleno uso do equipamento sem querer
Try downloading the Moza Master app to your computer and connecting your gimbal to see if you can resolve the problem. If not you may need to file a new support ticket (link at the top of this page) to get help from Moza Support
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