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My Gimbal Moza Mini MX 2 only bought one day and it was not able to work. I connected it to my phone, but suddenly I was disconnected, I pressed the Trigger button and the power button but Gimbal could not turn off, the status of the LED light was still bright even though I pressed the power button for a long time. I brought the distributor for warranty, they changed me another one and that situation continued with the second product I received.

From the manual- Powering on- Long press the power button to turn on the stabilizer. The phone holder will open automatically. Place the phone in the center of the phone holder, the phone holder will clamp automatically when a mobile phone is sensed. Powering off- First press the trigger button and hold, while long press the power button, the phone holder will open automatically. Then remove the phone, the phone holder will close and gimbal will turn off when it no longer sense the phone. Maybe check pages 2-6 of the English manual to see more
i have the same problem and it solved.. you need to hard reset the gimbal.. just push the very small hole below the charging port with needle.. everything will fix and works properly..
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