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There is no compatibility with 1st gen BMPCC OG, REC button doesn´t working, anything, just iFocus. Please, make some update to BMPCC, thank you.

Which gimbal are you referencing here?
Moza aircross 2

What cable are you using to connect your camera to the gimbal?

LANC - small stereo JACK which is comming with Moza Aircross 2 gimbal
There’s a USB cable you should be able to use to connect the AirCross 2 to your camera. It’s listed on the Gudsen Moza website on the AirCross 2 page under the downloads section. It’s titled “camera compatibility list”.
Yes I understand Aircross 2 is fo newer cameras, but is it a problem to make it up compatible to use the original one?
Does your BlackMagic camera have a USB port?
Yes, i can connect my camera to the computer for some update.
Did your AirCross come with a similar cable to use to connect the camera to your gimbal?
I think you need one of these (or similar cable) MOZA AirCross 3/AirCross 2 M3C-CP Camera Control Cable If you go to store dot Gudsen dot com and navigate to the accessories page for the AirCross 2 you’ll see the cable listed and what I believe if your camera pictured as well.

I tried M3C-CP Camera Control Cable but no working, tried LANC but no working

I have all cables :-D

Did you set your gimbal to your camera usb type?
Yes I did.
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