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Samsung A52 S and Moza Mini MX: video jerks

I just bought a Moza Mini MX, and I use it on a Samsung A52 S smartphone, Android version is 12, and Moza Genie App version is 2.4.15.

The gimbal works perfectly, and the Moza Genie App controls it correctly.

The problem is that if I record a video with the Moza Genie App, the video jerks during panning, although the gimbal moves smoothly; also video jerks if phone is steady and subject moves. By using the original Samsung camera app with the same setup, the video is recorded correctly and smoothly.

The problem happens at any reolution and frame rate (1080 and 4K), and also by using the Moza Genie App alone without the gimbal.

Here is attached a sample.

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