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Firmware upgrade troubles Air 2

I tried upgrading the Air 2 from 1.0.4 to 1.0.13.  When doing the mobile update, it claims it's successful, but upon reboot, it's still at 1.0.4.  It will run over and over on both Android and Apple, all with the same result.  Looks successful, but it's still at the same firmware.

When I try connected straight to the PC, it connects between the Gimbal and the PC, but the app just sticks at zero percent when trying to download the firmware file.

Has anybody had success updating their firmware to 1.0.13 on the Air 2?

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I experienced the same. Still using 1.0.4.

I believe I was mistaken on the versions.  I thought the newest was 1.0.13, which in fact it looks like it's 1.04.13 - so still part of 1.0.4.  So I'm thinking we might indeed be at the latest version anyway.  

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