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Missing cable between wheelbase and pedals

Hello fellow simracers,

I was happy to get my Moza R5 wheelbase + steering wheel + loadcell pedals. I'm building my simrig but unfortunatley I can't find the cable which is supposed to come either with the wheelbase or pedal box, whihc connects the pedals with the wheelbase

Here in the video you can see about which cable I'm talking about at 0:57:

I ordered all pieces seperate, instead of the R5 bundle, because I wanted to have to loadcell pedals, instead of the standard (lite) pedals you get in the bundle.

I do have to 2 usb cables, so I think someone made a mistake when they put the cables into the box.

Please find below a photos of all cables whihc came with the wheelbase. I got a powersupply with the types of plugs, one UK and a EU one, but the identical USB cables, bit not the RJ connecter cable, which goes between the pedals and the wheelbase.


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Never mind, the loadcells are connected through USB, just figured that out,.

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